Stuttgart is the birthplace of the automobile. That is right, Mercedes-Benz is headquartered in here and Karl Benz (1844 – 1929) was born in the region. Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg, situated in the south-west of Germany.

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart

Automotive enthusiasts and history buffs are in for a treat, as there are two museums to explore – the Mercedes-Benz museum and the Porsche museum. I can only tell you about the former which we picked to visit. The entire nine floors of the building is structured as a spiral that takes you through the history of the auto industry and the models of the various generations of Mercedes-Benz.

As you can imagine, the city is recognised for its industrial and technological brilliance over the years, but can you imagine that it is surrounded by hills covered in vineyards? Stuttgart is one of the highest wine-producing communes in Germany. Wine varieties such as Trollinger (red) and Riesling (white) are most popular. You can take the Stäffele, the steps that connect the city centre to the vineyards on the hills.

Besenwirtschaften or “broom pubs” are open for a period of weeks to a few months, during the season, where you can sample varieties of ‘Wurst’ (German sausage) and enjoy the Swabian cuisine. They are usually run by the wine growers or wine makers to give an opportunity for wine tasting and selling directly to the public. The broom is hung outside to symbolise that the pub is now open for sampling the wine.

German food isn’t one that is raved about but some of the local dishes like ‘Lentil mit Spätzle’ (egg pasta) and ‘Maultaschen’ (large ravioli) paired with wine form a delicious meal. Brezel (pretzel), Leberkäse (meat loaf) and several variations of bread are also a very popular, sold in bakeries dotted around town. Schnitzel is popular in many countries but the best one I’ve ever had was in Stuttgart.

Delicious swabian cuisine paired with local wine

A lot of information is available on this website which is intended for people moving to Stuttgart, but it is just as much useful for a visitor or tourist.

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