Pan de Bono

Giving up bread for lent was how I discovered this tasty little Colombian treat. Pan de bono is a savoury ball or donut sold along side pastries in a bakery. It is made with cassava starch, slightly crispy on the outside while spongy on the inside. The best bit is that it is filled with a smooth cheese that is at the perfect consistency when served warm.

  • Origin: Colombian
  • Category: Breakfast or snack with coffee
  • Main ingredients: cassava starch, eggs and cheese
  • Source: Colombian bakeries or coffee shops

At first I wondered if a savoury snack would be the right companion for my coffee but trust me, it is perfect. There is a delectable balance between the salty taste from the dough and a mild sweetness from the cheese which makes pandebono so irresistible.

I’m already planning my Colombia holiday just to get my hands on these bad boys. They aren’t that popular in the UK, so it can be hard to find them but don’t worry I have found a bakery in Brixton who makes them every day. All you need to do is order a bag for me when you go there.

Where to eat:

I’ll leave you with a parting thought, guess what’s second on the list of the best breads in the world? See, I’m not the only one obsessing over pan de bono!

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