Pancakes make breakfast special, mini pancakes make the whole day special. Poffertjes are the dutch version of mini pancakes. The traditional recipe includes buckwheat flour and is made on a certain Cast Iron mould plate.

  • Origin: Dutch
  • Category: Snack
  • Main Ingredients: Buckwheat flour, milk, eggs and yeast
  • Source: Pancake shops around the Netherlands

The concept of ‘pan’cake can be dated back to cave men times, making it one of the oldest known cereal food eaten by humans. This makes it hard to pin down on the exact origin of the many pancake variations including Poffertjes.

Popular belief is that they originated in a Dutch Abbey, as a sacramental bread offered for weekly communion. Wheat flour was at a shortage at the time due to the French revolution and thus the use of Buckwheat and yeast, resulting in spongy, airy, golden baked mini pancakes.


Poffertjes are best served with a squeeze of lemon and dusted sugar, but can also be enjoyed with any number of toppings similar to waffles or regular pancakes. It is catching up in popularity in the dessert genre but isn’t as widely available yet. So, if you go to Holland make sure you try them at a Pannenkoekenhuis.

Pannenkoekenhuis – translates to Pancake House


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