Free samples at the airport, is where I first met Chocodate. A Chocodate is a chocolate coated date, containing an almond. So the almond takes the place where there is usually a seed, forming an edible crunchy inside. The date itself is caramely and chewy while the chocolate on the outside adds the smooth finish. The combination works very well together, though it may sound a bit strange. You have to try it to believe it.

  • Origin: Dubai
  • Category: Snack
  • Main Ingredients: Date, Almond (nut), Chocolate (milk, cocoa, sugar)
  • Source: Dubai duty free, Chocodate official website and distributors

Presented in a flashy wrapper, this nutritious treat is a pleasant surprise which soon turned into a regular snack in our household. Did you know, dates are fruits that are naturally dry? They contain very little moisture in them, making them suitable to store in the cupboard for upto a year! And the health benefits they offer, makes most parts of the chocodate, a pretty healthy snack 😉

The Notions Group claim to be the creators of ‘Chocodate’ but there are other brands selling the same concept in the market. The Dubai based company say that it is a ‘manifestation of our interconnected world’, taking you from the Swiss Mountains to the Arabian deserts in one bite.

There are a few different variations that are available – milk, dark, white, coconut, caramel and even extra dark


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